Who We Are

The word Yeredeme means “help yourself” in Bambara, the most spoken language in Mali.

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After several years cooperating with Yeredeme A.J.M.C.,  a local organization dedicated to the support and education of single mothers in Mopti (Mali), we decided to join forces and create Yeredeme Africa España in order to strengthen local initiatives from Mali.

Yeredeme Africa’s mission is supporting local development initiatives promoted by groups of people that work for the common good: creating well-being in their community.

The idea is to provide sustained support throughout the years, as to generate the resources and necessary tools for these vulnerable villages to take responsibility in the continued development of their own initiatives.

One of our main goals is the empowerment of women and children, who are often victims of stigma or discrimination in a society that continues to be very traditional. Within this context, access to education and health care become essential keys in a new future of opportunities and social transformation.

In 2006, Yeredeme Africa started working hand in hand with a small local NGO called REMEDE (Reseau Malian d’Éxpertises pour Developpement) in some projects that were being carried out in the city of Mopti.

The members of REMEDE know the local requirements, the traditional communication systems, and the most effective ways to increase awareness, which has made Yeredeme Africa’s work in the field significantly easier.

Currently from Spain, Yeredeme Africa continues trying to collect funds to keep alive some of the projects that have been up and running for quite a few years now. The financial crisis has been obvious in these past few years, but we have a small group of friends and members cooperating, helping us to keep alive this organization.